Short Documentary Series and Interactive Archive

THE SIGN PROJECT chronicles the explorations, connections and meditations of David Hebb as he traverses the neighborhoods of Greater Boston in search of a specific family of sign made by a California-based company called Signtronix™. Dave shows us how to identify Signtronix™ signs, which become friendly beacons you’ll soon be recognizing and maybe even looking for everywhere you go. When we surrender the false sense of control and comfort our smartphones provide, we open ourselves to the tiny details that make exchanges with the world memorable and make life dynamic and rich. This multimedia project and its guide, Dave, ignite a newfound curiosity and perspective of the seemingly familiar scenery along our most-traveled routes and those routes we have yet to wander.


This project takes the shape of a short documentary series that will eventually be accompanied by an interactive archive and map populated by submissions of those who stumble upon a Signtronix™  sign and feel compelled to document their encounter with it. The pilot episode of THE SIGN PROJECT was released in August of 2019 and was made in collaboration with the online publication dedicated to the world’s oddities and wonders, Atlas Obscura. The rest of the series is in the works as we speak.

Directed by Sarah Ginsburg

Featuring David Hebb & his photography
Produced by Will Lennon

Executive Produced by Doug Baldinger, Chris Naka
Original Music by Aman Singh
Sound Design by Jackie! Zhou

Sound by Bradford Krieger and Brian Misiewicz

Color by Tanner Hall

Dave reads an email he sent me about a special Somerville Signtronix. Enjoy!



Do you want to receive UPDATES (no more than TWO/year & NOT ONE will ask for your money) on The Sign Project?


We're working on building an archive of Signtronix signs found in every nook and cranny of this country, and hopefully–along with your photos–we’ll hear of a few accounts and interactions with each sign’s orbiting people and places. The archive will take shape as a peculiar little online catalog and eventual physical zine(s) for all to flip through and maybe even to sink hours into.

It isn’t quite ready yet but there’s no way we’d turn down photos and enthusiasm for this movement. So, we'll take what you're offering and protect it until it can live safely with other Signtronix signs in a sweet little archive of their very own. Go ahead and email your photos with locations and/or any other info, comments, questions to and we’ll treasure them all the same.


This project is supported in part the Somerville Arts Council, a local agency funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.