Short Documentary Series and Interactive Archive

THE SIGN PROJECT chronicles the explorations, connections and meditations of David Hebb as he traverses the neighborhoods of Greater Boston in search of a specific family of signs made by a California-based company called Signtronix™.

The Signtronix™ trail is odd and winding, but Dave shows us how to identify Signtronix signs, friendly beacons that you’ll soon enough be recognizing and perhaps even looking for everywhere you go. When you surrender control and complete comfort, you open yourself up to the tiny details and encounters that make up memorable days, a better understanding of place and people, all the things that make life dynamic and rich.

THE SIGN PROJECT provides a newfound curiosity and perspective of both the familiar scenery along the routes you’ve always taken and those you have yet to wander.

Directed by Sarah Ginsburg
Produced by Will Lennon
Original Music by Aman Singh

This project will take shape as a short documentary series that will eventually be accompanied by an interactive archive and map populated by submissions of those who stumble upon a Signtronix™  sign and feel compelled to document their encounter with it. The pilot episode of THE SIGN PROJECT will be released in June of 2019 and is being made in collaboration with the online publication dedicated to the world’s oddities and wonders, Atlas Obscura.

Dave reads an email he sent me about a special Somerville Signtronix. Enjoy!

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Join The Sign Project mailing list for updates!

This project is supported in part by a grant from the Somerville Arts Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.